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 Behavioral Health Services 

SSM Behavioral Health Services is the largest provider of inpatient psychiatric treatment in the St. Louis region, with 235 beds available across four campuses.  Crisis intervention services are available on specialty treatment units serving children, adolescents, adults, adults with developmental disabilities, and older adults.  Our programs offer a highly structured combination of group therapy, psychiatric nursing, social work and activities therapy, under the direction of the attending psychiatrist.  SSM Behavioral Health Services works closely with over thirty psychiatrists on staff to provide exceptional care across a wide range of psychiatric disorders.

Our outpatient day programs provide Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization treatment at three locations, and currently serve over 500 patients. These programs use a multidisciplinary team approach that includes psychologists, social workers, nurses and psychiatrists. Our outpatient programs serve patients with severe and persistent mental illness and older adults with mental health needs.  We also offer brief cognitive-behavioral treatment for adults with a wide range of mental health concerns, including substance abuse and dual diagnoses.

SSM Behavioral Health is committed to providing clinical excellence, treating those we serve with compassion and dignity, and ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.  We are honored that our patients consistently rank SSM Behavioral Health Services in the top ten percent of national mental health providers (as measured by Press Ganey).