SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital Offers Affirm™ Prone Biopsy

Specialists at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital are first in the United States to offer a new technology allowing patients to receive 3D breast screening biopsies in a prone position, a significant benefit for patients screened for breast cancer.

The new biopsy system allows patients to lie prone, while providing radiologists true 360-degree access to lesions using a fully integrated imaging tool called a C-Arm. Breast tissue is then easier for specialists to access with minimal movement from the patient.

Benefits for the patient include:

More Comfort
The Affirm™ Prone Biopsy table has a memory foam padding, providing maximum comfort while adapting to different body types and breast sizes.

Increased Confidence
The superior image quality offered with this technology allows your physician to quickly pinpoint subtle lesions and faint calcifications found during your mammogram.

Faster Tests
The enhanced workflow of the Affirm™ Prone Biopsy System allows your care team fast and easy access to your breast, in fewer steps than traditional 2D biopsy, leading to less time to complete your procedure.


 To make an appointment, talk with your physician or call 314-268-7098.