i-Logic™ Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy® (ENB)™ 

ENB illustrationElectromagnetic Navigation Broncoscopy, often called “ENB”, is a minimally invasive procedure that extends the reach of a traditional bronchoscope to locations deep in the lungs for diagnosis and treatment. Typically an outpatient procedure, performed by a pulmonologist or thoracic surgeon, allows the doctor to navigate deep within the lungs with GPS-like technology. ENB provides doctors with the opportunity to detect and diagnose and, in certain conditions, treat benign and malignant lung disease even before symptoms are evident, which provides more treatment options for the patient.

ENB is available for a wide-range of patients. Including those who suffer from poor lung function or have had cancer surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. The most common risk is a collapsed lung (pneumothorax) which occurs in 2-3% of patients.

In addition to diagnosing lesions, ENB enables oncologists to place gold or other types of metal markers in patients who will be undergoing CyberKnife (stereotactic radiosurgery) to treat tumors in the lung.

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