Preventive Lung Cancer Screening 

Are You at Risk for Developing Lung Cancer?

  • Annual spiral low-dose CT scans can reduce the risk of death in heavy current and ex-smokers by 20 percent.
  • Spiral low-dose CT scans have proven to be more effective in detecting lung cancer than X-rays.
  • Spiral low-dose CT scans will detect suspicious nodules that would not typically show up on an X-ray.
  • A spiral low-dose CT scan of the chest is to lung cancer as mammography is to breast cancer. Both save lives!

I-ELCAP Lung Cancer Screening

  • Initial office consult and risk assessment
  • Low-dose CT of the chest
  • Follow-up appointment to review results
  • $100*

To schedule an appointment for the I-ELCAP Lung Cancer Screening, call 1-877-947-LUNG (1-877-947-5864).

*To be eligible, you must be 50+ years old and have been a pack-a-day smoker for 20 years or been a two packs-a-day smoker for 10 years.

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