Meet Your Gynecologic Cancer Team at SSM Health Care 

The SSM Cancer Care and Saint Louis University Hospital specialists will work closely with your gynecologist during diagnosis, staging and treatment of your gynecologic cancer. At SSM Cancer Care, you receive more than state-of-the-art cancer care. You are choosing exceptional health care that combines leading-edge cancer care with the support of a compassionate team of support staff, physicians, surgeons and other specialists.

We are there for you at every step of your gynecologic cancer journey.

Our Medical and Hematologic Oncologists who treat gastrointestinal cancers

Dr. Jamshed Agha
Dr. Getinet Ayalew
Dr. James Beattie
Dr. Stephanie Becker-Koepke
Dr. Christos Papageorgiou
Dr. Pascale Salem

Dr. Alvin Schergen
Dr. Sandeep Sen
Dr. Ilia Sumoza
Dr. John Wilkes
Dr. Christiane Zoghbi


Our Radiation Oncologists

Dr. John Bedwinek
Dr. Thomas S. Chung
Dr. V. Rao Devineni

Dr. David E. Morris
Dr. Robert Swanson

Gynecologic Oncologists
John Hoff, MD 
Ming-Shian Kao, MD
Francisco Xynos, MD 

Other Gynecologic Specialists and Surgical Oncologists
Mary McClellan, MD
Leslie McCloskey, MD
Pericles Xynos, MD
Patrick Yeung, Jr., MD 

Other Specialists

Laura Waldman

Rosemary Catanzaro, RD
Shital Patel 

The SSM Cancer Care difference: gynecologic cancer treatment designed for you

When you choose SSM Cancer Care, you are choosing exceptional health care. SSM Cancer Care strives to provide the best and most comprehensive cancer care that modern medicine offers for cervical, ovarian, and uterine or endometrial cancers. Board-certified doctors, specialists of Saint Louis University Hospital, and supportive care professionals ensure care tailored to your cancer and your overall health.

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