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Job Shadowing 

The Job Shadow Program at SSM Health Care – St. Louis provides experiential learning opportunities designed to help individuals learn about health career options as well as the skills that different occupations require. 

The program offers a three-hour, monthly education and shadowing experience to individuals interested in learning about a specific area in health care.  Program participants will have the opportunity to experience the workplace setting as well as duties performed by the health care worker they are shadowing; however, they will not be permitted to take part in hands-on patient care.

Goals of the SSM job shadow program are to assist participants accomplish the following:

  • observe the daily routines of health care workers;
  • begin to identify career interests in health care; and
  • gain awareness of the academic, technical and service standards required in health care professions

Those eligible to participate are:

  • high school students age 16 and above
  • college students
  • individuals exploring a second career

Participants will be required to wear an SSM job shadow badge for identification, and to follow the dress code. As part of the Job Shadow Program, appearance is important.  Clothing should be neat, tidy and clean.

  • No jeans
  • No tank tops or bare midriffs
  • No baggy clothes 
  • No clothes that drag the floor
  • No exposed undergarments
  • No scrubs
Participants to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes; clean gym shoes are acceptable.  Socks or stockings must be worn.

  • No sandals
  • No flip flops
  • No dangling jewelry
  • All body piercings and tattoos must be covered
  • Long hair to be secured by a ponytail or barette

Participants are expected to behave in a courteous and respectful manner.  If at any time during the shadow experience a participant is not acting in a courteous manner, he/she may be asked to leave.  Additionally, if participants have concerns about the conduct of any SSM staff during their experience, they are to contact the Job Shadow Coordinator to express their concerns.  Cell phone/pager usage is prohibited during shadow experience.  Participants are advised to not bring large amounts of cash and/or personal items with them.  SSM will not be liable for any theft or damage to personal property while on campus.  

The following list of positions/services are recommended for shadowing experiences based on current and anticipated recruitment needs.  Participants may choose up to three shadowing experiences per calendar year. 

  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Imaging
  • Laboratory
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Respiratory Therapy

  • Audiology (Cardinal Glennon only)
  • Physical Therapy (Cardinal Glennon only)
  • Occupational Therapy (Cardinal Glennon only)
  • Speech Pathology (Cardinal Glennon only)

Applicants can register by completing the online application AND submitting the required documents.

  • Applicants will receive e-mail confirmation from the program coordinator when the completed application and required documents have been received. (If required documents are late or not submitted, the applicant will not be contacted.)
  • Upon approval by the department, an e-mail will be sent to the participant confirming their job shadow request.
  • Each 2015 session below will be from 1pm until 4pm and can accommodate up to 25 particpants:
    • Friday, July 17
    • Friday, August 21
    • Friday, September 18
    • Friday, October 23
    • Friday, November 20
    • Friday, December 18

Contact the SSM Job Shadow Coordinator at