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 Step By Step Walking Club 

PedometerWelcome to the SSM Heart Institute’s Step By Step Walking Program page.  Here you can sign up for a free pedometer (if you have not yet received), as well as click to become part of the Step By Step Walking Club. 

You can also find important information on how to start your walking program, as well as tips on how to keep moving in the right direction.  We want you to become heart healthy and to find ways to remain heart healthy.

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Limit 1 pedometer per person. Available only to residents of the Greater St. Louis area. Limited time offer.

Step By Step Walking Program


Step 1Print weekly log to keep track of your “Step By Steps” 

Step 2 – Wear your SSM Heart Institute pedometer every day and track steps using the weekly log

Step 3 – Join the Step By Step Walking Club (see above)

Step 4 – Commit to 30 minutes of a daily fitness walk - Walking Calorie Calculator  
*Tip – A brisk 15-minute walk during your lunch hour burns about 100 calories and it gives you less time to eat.”

Step 5 – Make walking fun!  Buy an MP3 or CD player and enjoy your favorite songs when walking.  Find a scenic location to walk and enjoy.  Take children with you and sing songs as you walk.  Get a dog and you’ll both enjoy the walk.

Step 6 – Read the Step By Step Walking Club “Tip of the Week”.  Tips will be provided by SSM Health Care professionals. Read all past tips
Step 7 – REWARD yourself at milestones! 


Important Tips to Make Your Program Work Best for You!

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  3. More Ways to Increase Your Activity
  4. Take the SSM Heart Institute online risk assessment – find out if you qualify for a free heart screening
  5. If you are interested in non-surgical weight-loss options, or would like to learn more about surgical weight-loss options, then take a look at the SSM Weight-Loss Institute
  6. Links to healthy eating – recipes and great ideas