Your Exam 

If you are pre-scheduled for an exam, our registration team will contact you prior to your exam date to go over all preparation details. You can also save time on the day of your appointment by using the following resources to complete pre-exam forms, obtain directions and parking information, and obtain general information about imaging procedures.

Before Your Exam

  • Screening and safety forms
  • Prep information

The Day Of Your Exam

  • Directions and parking
  • Imaging Services

After Your Exam

  • Results
  • Insurance and Billing

For information about the various types of imaging exams, view our services

Before Your Exam

Save time the day of your appointment by completing the screening forms applicable to your exam. This will expedite your visit on the day of your procedure, so you can complete your exam quickly and get back to your day.

You can learn more about specific imaging exams here.

Screening and Safety

Exam Preparation

The Day of Your Exam 
On the day of your exam:

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early (see prep forms for specific instructions)
  • Bring your completed safety form (MRI only)
  • Bring your valid insurance card
  • Unless instructed otherwise by your physician or specifically contacted by an SSM Imaging nurse, take your regular medications and eat and drink as usual
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting, metal-free clothing (you may need to change into a hospital gown for certain exams)
  • Depending on the type of exam, you may be asked to remove metal objects, including:
    • dentures and other removable dental pieces
    • hearing aids
    • jewelry
    • eyeglasses
    • bobby pins
  • Inform your physician or imaging technologist if you:
    • are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications or supplements
    • are pregnant
    • are currently ill or are recovering from a recent illness
    • have a medical condition
    • have a known allergy to any medications or contrast material have recently had another exam, such as those involving barium or contrast
  • Directions and parking
    • Review our Locations Map for driving directions and parking instructions.

After Your Exam 
The results of your exam usually are provided to your physician the next day; and with the SSM EPIC connection, your physician has the information he or she needs to thoroughly review results with you. At SSM, we take care to make sure that your imaging results are discussed with you by your physician, who has the resources to run additional tests and put a treatment plan in action if needed.