Group - Stroke 

How We Operate 

How the Network Operates: A Step-by-Step LogoGuide

  1. A patient presenting with stroke symptoms arrives at a MidAmerica Stroke Network member hospital for treatment.
  2. The member hospital’s emergency team performs a complete neurological assessment of the patient and administers the appropriate treatment.
  3. The attending physician then determines that the patient requires further neurocritical care and calls the MidAmerica Stroke Network hotline to page the SLUCare neuro-specialist on-call for additional medical support.
  4. After receiving the page, the SLUCare neuro-specialist consults with the member hospital’s attending physician.
  5. Then, the SLUCare neuro-specialist assesses the patient’s condition and vital signs in order to determine the appropriate treatment to help stabilize the patient.
  6. If the collaborative medical team determines that the stroke patient’s condition cannot be effectively stabilized on-site at the member hospital, a rapid transport to SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital is arranged immediately.
  7. The stroke patient promptly receives the necessary medical treatment upon arrival at Saint Louis University Hospital.
  8. Saint Louis University Hospital then discharges the stabilized stroke patient back into the care of the member hospital for continued treatment and follow-up care.

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