childbirth & parenting classes, support groups and tours for moms and families from ssm maternity care

SSM Health Childbirth Classes  

We offer a number of classes and support groups to help you be more prepared and supported before and after your baby’s arrival. Each of our hospitals has a dedicated group of instructors who can provide helpful information on:

Classes, groups and dates vary by hospital location to give you more options. 

SSM Health DePaul Hospital - St. Louis

SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Fenton

SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital - Lake Saint Louis

SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital - St. Charles

SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - St. Mary's

Not all classes require registration, but most do. When you find a class that's right for you or want more information, call the SSM Health and Wellness Line at 866-SSM-DOCS (866-776-3627) to register if it's required.


Choosing a birthplace for you and your baby is an important decision. Guided tours of the Family Birthplaces help you get ready for the big day: where to go, what to do and how we care for you.

But we know you're busy and can't always make it in person, at least not at first. So you can also check out our virtual tours.