high-risk pregnancies and maternity services

High-Risk Pregnancy Care 

High-risk pregnancy occurs when some condition puts the mother, the developing fetus, or both at higher-than-normal risk for complications during or after the pregnancy and birth.

According to obstetricians, perhaps the greatest miracle of birth is how incredibly hard it is to actually harm a pregnancy once it is established. However, for 10% - 20% of pregnancies — about 875,000 a year in the United States — one or more conditions arise to complicate matters.

Some of the most common high-risk conditions during pregnancy include:

  • Pregnancy-induced high blood pressure
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Multiple births

The most serious complications are:

  • Congenital anomalies (abnormal)
  • Pre-term labor
  • Premature rupture of the membranes leading to pre-term birth 
  • Placental abruption

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