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High-Risk Care at SSM St. Mary's Health Center 

A regional hub for highly specialized maternal-fetal care for the most high-risk pregnancies

The physicians and nurses of the Maternal & Fetal Care Center at SSM St. Mary's Health Center are experienced and equipped to handle the most complicated pregnancies and deliveries. This includes twins, triplets, quads and higher order multiples as well as pregnancies where Mom or Baby has underlying health issues that cause the pregnancy to be more complicated than routine.

The Maternal & Fetal Care Center, a service of SSM Maternity Care and SSM St. Mary's Health Center, is also a training center for the Saint Louis University School of Medicine Obstetrics program.

The region's only Maternal Transport Team

A routine pregnancy can escalate to a high-risk situation very quickly. In moments like these, seconds matter. St. Mary's Health Center operates the region’s only Maternal Transport Team. This means that specialized nurses accompany mom on the journey to St. Mary's Health Center and are able to adjust treatment mid-journey if needed. The Maternal Transport Team brings moms from all over eastern Missouri and southern Illinois to the safety and epertise of the Maternal & Fetal Care Center.

Perinatal care for waiting moms

Some moms experiencing a high-risk pregnancy may need to remain on bed rest and under the constant care of the SSM Perinatal Center. This includes specialized care for waiting moms and a 17-bed antepartum (before-birth) unit. High-risk expectant mothers may stay on the antepartum unit for up to three months to help ensure a safe delivery and a healthy outcome.

Highest level of neonatal care

St. Mary’s Health Center offers a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the highest designation in neonatal care. The NICU is co-managed and staffed with SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center nurses and physicians from Saint Louis University School of Medicine. St. Mary’s can care for most sick or premature babies. In some cases, the sickest babies may be transferred to nearby SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center even more specialized care.

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