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Maternal Transport | SSM Maternity Care 

A routine pregnancy can escalate to a high-risk situation very quickly. In moments like these, seconds matter and only the best, most experienced team for moms and unborn babies will do.

The Maternal Transport Team at SSM St. Mary’s Health Center is a team of specialized labor and delivery nurses that undergo extensive training in order to best treat pregnant women and their unborn babies in times of physical distress or illness. See more on high-risk pregnancy here.

Smaller, community hospitals are not always equipped to handle these high-risk situations. When a call comes in from a community hospital, that a mom’s situation needs specialized care, the team is quickly dispatched via ambulance or helicopter depending on the distance and the severity of the situation.

The specialized transport team, along with an experienced ambulance or helicopter crew are able to adjust treatment mid-journey if needed. The team is also in contact with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician to alert them of any change in Mom or baby's condition during transport and to adjust treatment if necessary. Meet our high-risk pregnancy doctors.

The expertise of SSM St. Mary’s Health Center and the physicians of the Saint Louis University School of Medicine have been safely and quickly bringing moms from all over Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois since December 2007. As the first Maternal Transport Team in the area, our experts recognized a great need in the region to help mothers and babies when they’re at their most vulnerable. St. Mary’s Health Center is also home to a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staffed by neonatologists from SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

The Maternal Transport Team at SSM St. Mary’s Health Center understands that these high-risk pregnancy situations can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. While moms and families are facing this unexpectedly, providing the best high-risk pregnancy care is our goal and safe transport is our top concern. We also offer a personal touch in that we will do everything we can to make mom and baby as comfortable as possible. We will provide families with detailed instructions about the plan of care, directions to the facility and phone numbers to keep in contact during mom’s transport. Staying informed and involved helps ease stress and makes for a happier delivery.