Managed Care Organization (MCO) 

The SSM Health Managed Care Organization (MCO) originally formed in 1994 and currently offers member participating providers more than 45 managed care contracting opportunities within St. Louis Metropolitan area. SSM MCO contracts include commercial products, workers’ compensation, behavioral medicine, Medicare HMOs and managed Medicaid products.  Reimbursement is non-risk, fee-for-service.  Some contracts include primary care capitation.

The SSM Health MCO was established to create an integrated and coordinated network of health care providers for participation in managed health care plans, to provide support services, such as delegated credentialing and recredentialing, that may be related to those plans, and generally to offer unique and distinctive managed health care products to purchasers which emphasizes the coordinated provision of appropriate medical services in a cost effective manner.

SSM Health MCO’s corporate structure and support system enables the continued growth in the insurance market.

SSM Health MCO membership includes over 2,300 providers in the St. Louis area, including SSM Health Medical Group, SSM Rehabilitation Hospital, SSM Health Glennon Care, and independent community providers.