Back, Neck, and Spine Surgery 

Treatment for back, spine and neck disorders and pain usually begins with a conservative approach, such as over-the-counter medications, muscle relaxers, at-home remedies, physical therapy and pain management.

For conditions in which surgery is warranted, advanced medical equipment and new minimally invasive surgical procedures are creating better outcomes for patients. SSM Health neurosurgeons offer specialized expertise in a full range of open and minimally invasive spine surgeries – and use some of the most sophisticated surgical technology to help patients overcome spine problems.

Meet our neurosurgery team.

Advanced Technology in the Operating Suite
The O-Arm, a mobile CT scanner, provides surgeons real-time, 3D imaging in the operating room. In traditional spinal surgery, patients undergo preoperative imaging procedures, such as CT scans, MRIs and X-rays. Then, X-rays are repeated during surgery to help verify placement of surgical implants, such as screws. But these images provide only one-dimensional views. The O-Arm shows three planes, providing the surgeon with a more accurate verification of surgical implant placement. The patient never leaves the surgical suite.

This speeds the procedure, which means less blood loss and less time under anesthesia for patients.

When linked with a computerized navigation system, the O-Arm functions as a GPS (global positioning system) for the human body. The navigation system converts the 3D images from the O-Arm onto a computer monitor to guide the surgeon in placing instruments in real time.

Back and Spine Conditions We Treat