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The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research has found that 40 million Americans are chronically ill with various sleep disorders. If not treated, a sleep disorder can greatly affect your quality of life, mental and physical performance, and lead to severe health conditions like heart attack and stroke.

At the SSM Center for Sleep Disorders, we specialize in sleep-related breathing disorders. In addition, we have the necessary expertise and specialized equipment to evaluate and treat patients with more rare or complex neurological sleep disorders.

SSM Sleep Centers are conveniently located in St. Louis and St. Charles counties, with two pediatric sleep labs located at SSM St. Joseph Health Center and SSM Cardinal Glennon Medical Center. Each SSM Sleep Center location is overseen by a medical director who is a sleep specialist dedicated to providing high-quality sleep testing.  We offer the latest technology and follow the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s standards for evaluating and performing sleep studies.