Welcome to the SSM Health Transplant Center at Saint Louis University Hospital

Here at our Center, we provide a full range of medical and surgical services for patients with end-stage renal disease and liver disease. Whether you are a new dialysis patient in need of access care or a person with declining liver or kidney function, our multi-disciplinary team is here to support you. With a long standing history of medical excellence, we strive to provide compassionate and state-of-the-art care for patients with organ failure.

Learn more about our Abdominal Transplantation services:

Why SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital?

  • Ongoing communication with referring physicians through all phases of care
  • Kidney transplant outcomes exceed national averages
  • Dedicated transplant team manages patient care at all stages from pre-transplant evaluation to post-transplant surgical care
  • Multidisciplinary team practices in a recently renovated clinic
  • Coordinated visits with healthcare team minimizes patient trips to the hospital
  • Designated Intensive Care Unit for transplant surgical management
  • Hospital’s size and configuration offer easy access to transplant team
  • Assistance with housing and transportation for out-of-town patients and families

Want more information? Email transplant@ssmsluh.com.