Pastoral Care 

At SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, we believe in treating the whole person, embracing your spiritual, emotional, physical, and social needs. Our chaplains are available 24 hours a day. To reach a member of the Pastoral Care Staff, call 314-768-8070. St. Mary’s chapel is located in the front lobby and open daily.

How to contact a chaplain
When you need a chaplain, please contact your nurse, or dial “0” and ask the operator to contact a chaplain for you.

How can a chaplain help?
Praying with you
Supporting you through difficult decisions
Helping you to discover or use your faith resources
Helping you to identify spiritual needs and issues
Guiding you through grief
Responding to your fear and anxiety
Providing sacraments
Assisting you with advance directives for health care
Contacting your pastor/religious leader 

For Roman Catholics, Holy Communion is available Sunday through Friday. Anointing of the Sick— for the restoration of health to the body, mind, and spirit — and reconciliation (confession) are also available upon request. For people of other faiths, chaplains will contact your local church upon request.

Religious Services
11:30 am   Sunday through Friday and can be viewed on Channel 13. 

Prayer request
Many people feel better following personal prayer and after being prayed for by others. SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital believes that God’s grace provides physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for those in need. You may  request prayer by calling the FSM Prayer Program at 314-768-1748 or by going to