Visiting Guide 

Families and friends are welcome to visit patients any time of day. We do not have visitor restrictions or designate specific hours of visitation. We do ask that visitors work closely with the care team so that our patients receive proper rest and sleep. Some units might have additional check-in or security procedures to ensure the safety of our patients. In our semi-private (shared) rooms, we may ask that additional considerations be taken by visitors to accommodate a healing environment for all of our patients.

Our caregivers throughout SSM Health Care – St. Louis recognize that companionship and support from your family and friends are essential to your healing process. We consider your family to be an important support to you and an advocate of your health and safety. We will ask you to identify someone you trust to be your “patient support or advocate.” With your permission, we will share important information about your care plan, medications and discharge instructions with this designated person.

Family and friends should check with the patient’s nurse or refrain from visiting if they have cold/flu symptoms or have been exposed to other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, chicken pox (varicella), meningitis, measles or mumps. 

Intensive Care Units (ICU)
Medical ICU (Fourth Floor) | 314-768-8640  
Surgical ICU (Third Floor) | 314-768-8660 


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Cardiovascular Recovery (CVR)

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