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HMR® (Health Management Resources) 

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A healthy diet program that helps you lose weight and gain your life back. 

The HMR (Health Management Resources) Program for Weight Management™ has helped more than one-million people lose – and keep off – excess weight. Since 1983, the program has been offered in more than 400 hospitals and medical centers nationwide. Staffed by physicians and other healthcare professionals, this diet includes high volume low-calorie foods so you won’t go hungry, making it more likely you’ll reach your goal. Most importantly, this program helps you learn how to maintain weight-loss after the dieting is over.

SSM Health Weight Management Services is proud to introduce this revolutionary program to St. Louis.The HMR Weight Management Program at SSM Health Weight Management Services offers program options to meet individual needs and weight-loss goals. Quite simply, HMR is unlike any diet you’ve ever tried because you’ll learn more than diet skills – you’ll learn skills that can help you continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle after completing the program and for years to come.

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