Meeting the Midwives: Building a Relationship

Blue Shoes Momma makes a connection

Hello again!
Just got finished with my first midwife appointment and it was fantastic! It felt like a long time between my last appointment and this one, I think because I was just pumped up to meet these ladies I have been hearing so much about. Today I met with Emily (pictured here!) and she definitely lived up to the hype. 
It really felt like I was just chatting with a friend as we went through the normal 28 week appointment. She wanted to hear about my other birthing experiences and was so pleased that I was making the transition to midwifery, not because I had a bad experience, but because I wanted to try something different. It was interesting to get her point of view on my previous births and speculate on what things might be the same or different with baby #3.
We started talking about birth plans and pain control options. Before I knew it, I had been there almost an hour! Now I totally realize that she and I both probably don’t have that time to spend at EVERY appointment – but it was really nice to connect in such a meaningful way from the beginning, and the cool part was, the time just flew by!
Next up – 30 week appointment with Mara!
~ blue shoes

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