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Knife safety key when preparing holiday meals

Taking a few easy precautions can help avoid common injuries.

An orthopedic hand specialist offers some tips and guidance on keeping your hands safe while working in the kitchen.

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Staying active while staying safe at home

Steps arthritis patients can take to keep bones and joints from getting stiff

Nearly one-quarter of adult Americans have arthritis and severe joint pain. Here are some joint-friendly activities that can improve joint pain and stiffness -- all while staying safe and social distancing.

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Stay healthy and comfortable while working from home

Learn tips from an orthopedist to keep your bones and joints in top shape, even when working in a fixed position

A SSM Health orthopedic expert and hand surgeon offers a few tips to stay comfortable while many work from home.

Tags: covid-19, OSOI

Avoiding injury while working in the garden this season

Here are some gardening safety tips from an orthopedic surgeon

Here are a few orthopedic-inspired best practices for staying safe while working in the garden.

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Solutions at Hand: How to Remove a Stuck Ring

Tips from medical professionals on how to remove stuck rings

A stuck ring can become more than just an annoyance -- it could lead to serious damage. Try these tricks to loosen a stuck ring.

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