How to Get Started

Step 1: Attend a Free Informational Seminar

By attending one of our information sessions, you will learn about obesity, bariatric surgery, the procedures we offer, and our Healthy First Program. Register online for one of our informational seminars today or call us at 314-577-5335. While the road to weight loss is never easy, the results – a healthier life now and in the future - are worth it.

Step 2: Attend a Consult Appointment

During this appointment, you will meet with one of our surgeons, and we will review your health history, discuss your surgical and insurance options, and begin your pre-operative list of required steps to surgery. It is very important during this time-period that you follow the patient checklist given to you in the time duration specified, so that we are able to obtain approval from your insurance company. Missed appointments can impact your ability to get approved for surgery, and you may need to start your journey over if this occurs. Our operations specialist will help you navigate the pre-operative steps to surgery, so that you have a successful journey. Please call us at 314-577-5335 to schedule your consult appointment.

Step 3: Complete Your Pre-op Steps to Surgery

Each patient will be provided with a pre-op journey checklist or required steps to surgery. As each insurance plan differs, we will help you with every step of program. Your journey may include:

  • 3-6 months of primary care provider or dietitian visits related to diet and exercise
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Medical, cardiac, pulmonary clearance
  • Tests: Labs, EKG, UGI/EGD, sleep study, H. Pylori, Bone Age x-ray, etc.
  • Further consultations with other medical specialties

After you have completed all visits and tests, we will notify you when we are ready to submit for insurance approval. Our operations specialist will submit all of the necessary documentation to your insurance company. We will notify of any remaining documentation required. Insurances can take 30-45 days to make a decision on whether you are approved for surgery. We will keep you updated on the progress of this step.

My Journey Starts With Me!

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