Detecting Hearing Loss in Children

If your child has any form of hearing loss, our highly-skilled SLUCare Physician Group audiologists are here to help. We care for children of all ages with mild to severe hearing loss, speech problems, or both conditions. Our goal is to restore your child’s hearing without them missing a beat.

In the US, approximately two to three out of every 1,000 children are born with a detectable level of hearing loss in one or both ears. Some children may also encounter hearing loss later in life. Depending on your child’s situation, hearing aids may be needed to improve your child’s hearing and speech. Our audiologists will thoroughly evaluate your child’s condition, and develop the best plan of treatment from there.

Types of Hearing Aids for Children

Hearing aids provide a benefit for the majority of children with hearing loss. Our audiologists are experienced in diagnosing a variety of hearing disorders and conditions and can determine if hearings aids are necessary for your child. The different types of hearing aids our doctors may suggest include:

  • In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids: used for mild to severe hearing loss, can accommodate other technical devices such as the telecoil
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids: used for many types of hearing loss, sits comfortably behind the ear
  • Canal aids: customized to fit completely inside the ear canal
  • Body aids: recommended for profound hearing loss, they connect to the ear with a wire that is attached to your child’s belt or pocket

What to Expect During the Hearing Aid Fitting & Usage Process

If your child is found to have hearing loss and can benefit from the use of hearing aids, we will counsel your family about its implications and refer your child for any additional evaluations. From here, our team will:

  • Help your child obtain medical clearance for the use of hearing aids
  • Discuss options and select a device that is appropriate for your child
  • Fit your child appropriately with their hearing aid
  • Educate your family on how to use the hearing aid
  • Direct you to any additional programs for support
  • Provide follow-up care to ensure the hearing aid is still appropriate for your child

Pediatric Hearing Aid Program

The Hearing Aid Program at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital welcomes your child and family. We specialize in a range of hearing conditions and treatments, including:

  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Mixed hearing loss
  • Auditory neuropathy/dyssynchrony
  • Hearing aids
  • Atresia/microtia
  • Cochlear implants
  • Osseointegrated devices
  • The Baha System

From the first time your child enters our facility, our doctors work closely with you and your family to ensure the best care.

To learn more about our program and schedule an appointment for your child’s initial evaluation, please call 314-577-5671. We’ll take it from here and discuss the best steps forward.

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