Versant RN Residency Program

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital has partnered with Versant to develop the most innovative and comprehensive RN residency program available.

Integrated into our organization’s structure, the Versant RN Residency Program includes guided clinical experience with a preceptor, education and curriculum, a supportive component composed on formal mentoring with debriefing/self-care sessions, and a 360-degree evaluation and measurement process. As a Versant standard, all new graduate nurses hired by SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital are required to transition through the residency program. The Versant RN residency is the start of a journey from knowledge to knowing, moving towards competent performance at the bedside.

Versant provides a highly integrated and systematic approach to transitioning new graduate nurses by:

  • Defining a comprehensive baseline set of measurements and outcomes, evidence-based structure, processes and content
  • Integrating, teaching, monitoring and managing adherence to those standards
  • Objectively evaluating success in achieving the RN residency goals

Please take a moment to review the information that is required in order to be accepted into the Versant RN Residency Program at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital. All of the required documents listed below must be provided to Human Resources after a position has been offered and must be received by the deadline in order to proceed with the onboarding process. However, we recommend that all candidates prepare their documents as early as possible.

  1. Be a graduate with less than six months experience and Missouri RN license (successful completion of the NCLEX exam, proof of RN license)
  2. Have a GPA of 3.0 in nursing and science curriculum
  3. Provide official college transcript
  4. Have two professional references, at least one from a clinical instructor
  5. Letter of intent that answers:
    • What influenced you to pursue a career in nursing?
    • Why are you interested in the Versant Residency Program?
    • Where do you see yourself in five years?
    • An essay stating the particular nursing department you wish to work in and why.

Program FAQs

Q: How often is the Versant RN residency offered throughout the year?
A. The program initiates at three distinct times. SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital offers cohorts which begin in February, July and October.

Q: Which floors/departments accept new graduates?
A. All inpatient/bedside areas accept candidates for the Versant RN residency, which includes:

  • 2 West - Geriatric Behavioral Health
  • 4 West - Adult Behavioral Health
  • 5 South (Neurosurgery), 5 ICU (Neuro ICU), 5 North (Neurology & ENT)
  • 6 South (Orthopedics), 6 ICU (Trauma ICU), 6 North (Trauma & General Surgery)
  • 7 South (Thoracic, GU, Vascular), 7 ICU (Transplant & Overflow ICU), 7 North (Abdominal Transplant)
  • 8 South (Medicine & Nephrology), 8 ICU (Medical ICU), 8 North (Hematology/Oncology)
  • 9South (Cardiology Step-down), 9 ICU (CV ICU), 9 North (Geriatrics & Internal Medicine)

The Operating and Emergency Room will also accept candidates on a limited basis.

*Endoscopy, Interventional Radiology, and our clinics DO NOT accept Versant candidates.

Q: Would I float to different areas while working through the program?
A: Versant builds in a unique looping function where individuals are exposed to an entire service line. This allows them to fully understand the patient care continuum. Personnel will not float to other specialties.

Q: Do I need to pass my NCLEX or have my Missouri RN license before applying?
A: No. However, you do need to present a Missouri RN license (or supporting documentation) before the program begins. Please see posted dates.

Q: Where do I submit my application and resume to be considered for the Versant RN Residency Program?
A: Please proceed through the Careers page and locate openings that are titled ‘VERSANT’, e.g., ICU openings will be labeled as ‘VERSANT GRADUATE NURSE CRITICAL CARE’.

Q: Am I eligible for the Versant RN Residency Program if I’m an experienced nurse looking for a refresher program?
A: Unfortunately, no. This program does not serve as a refresher. Candidacy requires that individuals must have graduated from an accredited nursing program within 12 months of the program start date.

Program Start Dates

We are currently accepting applications for the following cohorts:

February 19, 2018 and July 9, 2018

Follow the links below to proceed with the application process:

Learn more about Versant
Apply for a position

For more information regarding the Versant RN Residency Program at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, please contact Lesli Tillman.

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