SSM Health Dean Medical Group Patient & Family Advisory Council

The Voice of Patients & Families

SSM Health Dean Medical Group is committed to improving the health of our community. Enhancing the patient experience focuses on health care through the eyes of our patients and their families. 

The Patient & Family Advisory Council is a way to involve patient and family members in our continuous commitment to improve the care we provide at SSM Health Dean Medical Group. The voice of the patient is important to us as we work to continuously improve the patient experience and increase patient satisfaction. 

We Want to Hear From You

We invite you to apply to the Patient & Family Advisory Council! We are looking for patient and family members to make a commitment to share experiences, provide honest feedback, respect the perspectives of others and meet with other patients and families. Because space is limited, it is possible that not all applicants will be able to serve. All applications will be kept on file as future openings occur. 

We encourage you to complete our secure online application. Our team will follow up with a phone call for more information. 


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If you have any questions, call 608-294-3807 or email us.

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