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Safe-Dose Radiation

Why is safe dose radiation important to you?

X-ray films, mammograms, nuclear medicine and CT scans use radiant energy to produce images of your body. The information they produce can be critical in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and conditions.

This radiant energy is a form of radiation (X-rays or gamma rays). Exposure in extremely high or repeated doses is a potential risk for developing cancer. Most imaging exams result in very small exposure to radiation.

SSM Health Imaging Services ensures the right exam for the right indication with the appropriate and safest technique. We also use the minimum and safest amount of radiation necessary to achieve thvere best image quality. This includes ensuring that the imaging exam is done correctly the first time to avoid repeat testing. Continual investment in newer and faster imaging technology reduces exam times for improved patient experience and decreased radiation exposure.

Keep in mind that ultrasound imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provide an alternate means to produce images and answer your doctor's needs.

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