SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Centralia Master Facility Plan

At SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Centralia we know that our exceptional employees and modern technology help us provide an extraordinary experience for our patients and visitors. Now, we are making the outside match the exceptional service provided inside. In an effort to make the look and functionality of our facility match the exceptional care we provide, SSM Health is investing over $20 million dollars into interior and exterior upgrades for SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Centralia

See below for renderings of the new master facility plan.

The first photo (below) shows the main entrance of the hospital on Pleasant Avenue. Here you can see all of the wonderful changes that will be taking place to the exterior of the hospital. The smoke stacks have been removed from the roof, leaving clean roof lines. The main entrance, radiation/oncology entrance and the corner of the new proposed surgery building all have stacked stone similar to that of SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital - Mt. Vernon.

To the left of the main entry is the radiology department. At this entrance is a canopy clad in metal panel with a stone column. It is simple and elegant, yet understated, compared to the main entry. Behind the large stone panel lies the linear accelerator and CT. Then it transitions to the curtainwall / storefront of clear anodized aluminum and glass.

The medical building in the left lower corner of the picture is no longer blue brick. All buildings will have a cohesive color and look. The 1054 Martin Luther King Drive building (formerly called the blue medical building) is now clad in EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System) which adds energy efficiency and has a weather barrier. The water leaks and excessive air infiltration are now gone.
The hospital exterior will be acid washed to bring back the original luster of the exposed aggregate. All of the building seals will be replaced. 

The lower right corner shows the expansion for our surgery addition. This will allow the surgical department to move out of the basement and be directly adjacent to surgical prep and recovery, as well as adding endoscopy to the department. The exterior will allow a lot of natural daylight into the building where it meets the existing building.

Can you see the cross in the east facing window area of the hospital? This cross was built into the structure but may not be noticed. There will be a focus on the cross shown on the east staircase by utilizing a very focused light in the evening; the light will not flood into the patient rooms. 

St. Mary's Centralia Front Entrance

The second photo (below) shows the west side view at the emergency department entrance. This is the night time “front door” so the materials used at the main entrance are also used here. Again, we can see the same consistent exterior look and clean roof lines. The photo also features two entrances to the emergency department. The canopied, drive under entrance will be for individuals who walk into the emergency department. The new second sheltered entrance to the right will be the new ambulance entry. This will help relieve some congestion at the current ambulance entrance and provide additional privacy for ambulance patients.

The west end of the ‘brown medical building’ includes the consistent stacked stone exterior.

St. Mary's Centralia Emergency Entrance

This third photo (below) shows the view from Martin Luther King Drive with our two medical buildings on either side of the Cancer Center entrance. Again incorporating the clean lines and use of stacked stone. The buildings look much more like one another and create a more single campus feel instead of buildings from different decades. 

St. Mary's Centralia Cancer Center Entrance

Our final photo (below) is a draft of the new proposed first floor plan. The most interesting part of this image is the addition of a new surgical department, outlined in orange. In addition, endoscopy will be moving away from the current emergency department, providing increased efficiency and additional privacy to endoscopy patients. This move allows for the emergency department to be expanded, which is a much needed upgrade.

Other departments that are proposed to be moved are: lab specimen processing, which will move to the west near the current laundry and central supply, along with HIMS, and social services. The SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital redesign is a two year plan, requiring some departments to temporarily move locations before reaching their final destination.

St. Mary's Centralia Floor Plan

We will give you updates on immediate changes as they are scheduled, keep watch in QuickViews for weekly updates. Please be sure to park in areas designated for you and leave areas near the entrances for our customers.

We hope you have enjoyed this quick journey through the remodel process. It is an exciting time in Centralia. 

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