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Nursing Professionals Practice Model

The SSM Health Nursing Professional Practice Model is a “… driving force of nursing care; a schematic description of how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate, and develop professionally.” In other words, a professional nursing practice model provides a framework for guiding and aligning clinical practice, education, administration and research.

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Why Do We Need a Nursing Professional Practice Model?

  • Gets everyone in the same boat and rowing in the same direction (better productivity and outcomes)
  • Necessary to create a culture of excellence
  • Requires making a set of values and performance expectations to which all nurses can subscribe
  • Serves as a tool for change to get from where you are tow here you want/need to be
  • Clarifies expectations, authority and accountability for practice
  • Focuses and prioritizes work
  • Overall evidence suggests that a professional practice model has a positive impact on the work environment in terms of the nurse’s role and patient outcomes

Essential Elements of a Professional Practice Model

  • Mission and Values
  • Professional Relationships
  • Patient Care Delivery Model
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Recognition, Awards and Development

Strategic Direction for Nursing

Professional Nursing Practice at SSM Health creates an innovative environment for the achievement of exceptional outcomes while advancing and contributing to the profession. We partner with patients, families, providers and each other, using practices that are restorative, supportive and promotive in nature. SSM Health is the preferred partner for care across the health continuum.

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