Types of Group Therapies Offered

Group therapy is a valuable technique that can be used to nurture your mental health and make positive changes in your life. Most programs are designed to focus on and improve a specific issue. Groups often act as a support network, or sounding board for participants. SSM Health has developed a number of therapy groups to aid patients and their loved ones with everything from anger management to coping with cancer.

Below are just a few of the group therapy options that we offer. Visit our classes and events page for a full listing, including more detailed information.

Until you’ve experienced a session, group therapy might seem rather intimidating. But, group therapy is often found to be an effective option for several mental health conditions.

In group therapy you can:

  • See that you are not alone in the concerns and stress you have
  • Gain information and new coping strategies from other members
  • Practice new behaviors in a safe environment
  • Build confidence by helping others and seeing them improve

Group Therapy Dynamics

Group therapy sizes tend to vary depending on the overarching goal. Most groups range in size from five to 12 participants.

We understand your concern of confidentiality. We strive to make all of our group therapy participants comfortable. As a condition of joining the group we ask that you respect the privacy of each member, including their identity. What you say within your group should allow you to grow and learn. Sharing information about your fellow group members with others can hurt this process.

Group participation is a balance of listening and sharing. When you take the time to actively listen and share your thoughts and feelings you begin to find that special balance that can lead to healing.

If you’re curious about group therapy and whether it might be of a benefit to your overall wellbeing, contact a provider to talk about your options.

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