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Audiology & Hearing Assistance Services

Hearing loss is not uncommon, and despite some popular beliefs, hearing loss can occur in young people. More than 31 million Americans have some type of hearing problem. Hearing difficulties can be hard to recognize unless they are evaluated by an audiologist who specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing hearing loss. By using various assessments, an audiologist can determine an individual's hearing capacity and then fit hearing aids or other hearing devices if necessary.

In addition, audiologists provide balance testing and therapy, aural rehabilitation, central auditory processing disorder testing, and counseling for people of all ages.

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Hearing Assistance Services

SSM Health audiologists work directly with our board-certified otolaryngologists (ENT physicians) in managing patients with hearing loss, balance concerns and tinnitus to provide the highest quality of care for the entire family.

Signs of Hearing Loss

If you’re concerned and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, consult with an SSM Health audiologist today.

  • Difficulty understanding speech with background noise or with a group of people
  • Increased volume on TV and/or radio
  • Ringing or noises in the ears
  • Asking for frequent repetitions in conversation
  • Answering or responding inappropriately in conversation
  • Muffled sounds or unclear speech
  • Avoiding activities or social gatherings you once enjoyed because you find it difficult to hear


Our audiologists work individually with each patient to determine the correct diagnosis and needs. Assistance services may come in the form of hearing aids, tinnitus counseling, hearing protection and bone-anchored hearing systems. Our offerings include:

  • Assistive listening devices
  • Communication accessories
  • Comprehensive audiologic testing and vestibular testing (pediatric and adult)
  • Custom earplugs for work and recreation, including swim plugs, hearing protection, and custom ear molds headphones and hands-free cell phone systems 
  • Electrophysiological testing (ABR, VNG/ENG, DPOAE)
  • Hearing conservation consulting
  • Hearing aid consultation and fitting
  • Hearing aid repair/service/accessories
  • Tinnitus management to help improve quality of life for patients with ringing in the ears

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, have been diagnosed with a hearing condition, or are experiencing symptoms that have you concerned, call an SSM Health audiologist today.

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