Midwifery Care

A Holistic Approach to Pregnancy Care

Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) are women’s health providers with advanced education and training in midwifery and advanced practice nursing. The midwifery model of care is a holistic approach which emphasizes women-centered care. CNMs educate their patients, advocate for each woman’s individual health goals and wishes, and build lasting relationships with their patients. CNMs manage many of the primary care needs of women from the early teen years throughout a woman’s childbearing years and into menopause.

If you choose midwifery care for your pregnancy and delivery, your midwives will provide your prenatal care and attend your birth at the hospital. The majority of women will not need to see a physician during their pregnancy/birth if they are seeing midwives, unless a complication occurs.

Services We Provide

Certified Nurse Midwives care for women and their babies during pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond. In addition, CNMs provide routine care for women through all phases of their life. Our services include:

  • Personalized care tailored to a woman’s health goals and needs
  • Emotional and physical support during labor and birth
  • Individualized guidance and education regarding care of yourself and your baby
  • Breastfeeding support and lactation counseling
  • Women’s health and gynecological care
  • Family planning 

Pregnancies with higher risk may benefit from consultation or care from an obstetrician or maternal fetal medicine (high risk pregnancy) specialist.

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