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Inpatient Psychiatric Care

The SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Madison psychiatric unit provides resources to help restore our patient’s emotional health. Our goal is to help our patients learn new behaviors, so they can develop more effective, healthy relationships with those in their lives.

Inpatient psychiatric care can be difficult for all parties involved. The compassionate team at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital is here to support our patients and their loved ones on this journey to mental well-being.

Inpatient Psychiatric Care Program Components

Our voluntary, 22-bed inpatient unit offers a structured program for adults that includes:

  • Treatment planning
  • Treatment programs
    • Group therapy: to help our patients explore feelings, identify emotional problems they may have and provide insight into their behavior
    • Occupational therapy: to help our patients develop skills by exploring activities which can become part of a daily routine
    • Medication education: led by pharmacy and nursing staff to help patients understand general guidelines for taking medications.
      • Patients will be given specific information about their medications before discharge from the hospital.
    • Breathing and relaxation sessions: led by nursing staff to assist in developing relaxation techniques
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Hope and Recovery Group
  • Daily Activity Reinforcement Therapy (DART)
  • Discharge planning

Throughout a patient’s time at our Madison-based facility, they will have a primary nurse coordinator to plan and organize all care. They will serve as a resource for the patient and their family.

We encourage all of our patients to maintain contact with their family and friends. However, the decision to have visitors ultimately rests with the patient and their psychiatrist. Visits should be kept short and there should be no more than two guests at a time. Our visiting hours are Monday through Friday from 3:30 - 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am - 8 pm.

Contact SSM Health Behavioral Health at 608-258-6697 for more information. Calls made to this number can be transferred to patients during our regular phone hours of 7 am - 10 pm.

If you or a loved one needs behavioral health assistance, seek help today. Our compassionate care is the first step on your road to recovery.

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