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To help you stay healthy, SSM Health Pharmacy offers the following immunization services to patients 6 years and older. Contact the pharmacy closest to you to find out about insurance coverage and availability.

  • Flu (influenza) – Protect against the flu by getting your flu shot as soon as you can during flu season. Usually available early September and can be given through early spring if needed.
  • Pertussis (whooping cough) – Whooping cough can be severe in children especially infants. Adults and grandparents should be sure their pertussis vaccinations are up to date to protect young family members.
  • Tetanus (puncture wounds) – Tetanus infections can be serious leading to lock jaw or difficulty breathing. People can get tetanus from puncture wounds like a rusty nail, sliver, or even insect bites. There are two different combination vaccines that can be given once to protect against tetanus as well as pertussis. Expectant mothers should get this with every pregnancy.
  • Pneumonia – Older adults have a higher risk of complications from pneumonia, often leading to hospitalization. There are two different pneumonia vaccines that should be given as a series in order to obtain the greatest protection.
  • Shingles – Older adults have a higher risk of getting shingles which is an extremely painful rash that grows along a nerve fiber. Some people have even experienced vision loss if the infection affects the nerves in the eye. A vaccine can help prevent shingles.

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