Breast Cancer

Tailored Treatment and Compassionate Care

The journey from diagnosis to treatment is different for every woman (and man) with breast cancer. Wherever you are in your cancer journey, having access to the best resources available makes a big difference in how you fight the disease.

SSM Health is focused on customized treatment and recovery plans. We are dedicated to saving lives by ensuring you receive timely diagnosis and treatment by eliminating barriers to care. We boast a compassionate team of board-certified doctors, nurse navigators and other supportive care professionals to ensure you’re receiving the best care possible.

Risk Factors

Knowing your risk factors helps you take action to catch breast cancer early or potentially prevent it.

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Breast Cancer Symptoms

Recognizing the symptoms of breast cancer can help you detect the disease early, when it is easiest to treat.

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Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Learn what tests to expect if your doctor finds an abnormality in your breast.

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Treatment Options

Learn about the options that may be part of your care if you've been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Breast Reconstruction

The caring team at SSM Health will guide you through the reconstructive surgery process.

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Treatment to Meet Your Needs

We know breast cancer is a serious matter.

Approximately one in eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. An estimated 4,500 women in Missouri annually are newly diagnosed. If detected early, nearly all breast cancers can successfully be. In fact, when it is detected in the earliest stages, the cure rate for breast cancer is a staggering 97%.

The tailored care and treatment offered by SSM Health is designed to meet your needs on multiple levels. In addition to various surgical procedures, we offer multiple types of therapies, including radiation, chemotherapy and more.


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