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Family Advisors

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital is committed to delivery of exceptional health care with a healing presence. This means we encourage full collaboration with our families in both care and decision making. Collaborative culture and family-centered care begins at the bedside, but truly extends through how we operate as an organization.

One of the ways we strive to collaborate together is through our Family Advisor Program. As an advisor, parents use their hospital experience to educate staff, comment on proposed policies, programs or initiatives, serve as members of committees, work groups or councils, and in general, improve the hospital experience for others.

The program invites families of Cardinal Glennon patients to partner with us through the Family Advisory Council or our E-Advisor Network. Both are pathways to improving the hospital experience for our families; however each is a little different to reflect our families’ participation needs. We understand that life with children can be complex – even more so when children have special healthcare needs. Offering both options is our best opportunity to support participation according to the needs of our families.

Goals of Family Advisors

The goal of Family Advisors is to ensure that patients and families are at the center of every decision made at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital that affects quality of care, safety or patient experience. We aim to:

  • Promote the mission, services, and facilities of SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital (CGCH).
  • Provide a collaborative partnership for families and CGCH associates, clinicians, and administration to promote the delivery of patient and family-centered health care, and an exceptional patient experience.
  • Make recommendations to CGCH leadership regarding hospital improvements, safety, quality, and the patient experience.
  • Provide resources and guidance to strengthen our collaboration, improve communication, and empower families to have a voice and an impact in their child’s care at CGCH.

Family Advisory Council

Started in 2017, the Family Advisory Council (FAC) allows parents to connect with other families and directly provide feedback to clinicians, committees, and the administrative team. Council members draw on their diverse, individual and shared experiences as parents and former patients and foster family-centered initiatives within the whole fabric of the hospital.

The council meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 5:30 - 6:30 pm on site at the hospital. Agendas are made collaboratively with members of the clinical, management and administrative teams. Council members advise, share, partner and lead efforts which generally fall into three buckets: patient quality and safety, the patient/ family experience, and staff recognition opportunities. Goals are set annually for the council related to hospital initiatives, policies and health experience issues identified by families and staff. Membership requires ability to regularly attend the monthly meeting, and work collaboratively with council affiliates to achieve council goals.

Family Advisory Council Membership Guidelines

Learn more about the council structure and responsibilities.

Family Advisory Council Annual Report

Learn about our council highlights and our goals for the future.

E-Advisor Network

Many of our parents live a distance from the hospital, or other life factors do not support the ability to be part of meetings or committees. Cardinal Glennon’s E-Advisor Network is a way for families to share ideas and give constructive feedback from the comfort of their own homes. E- Advisors do not have to live near the hospital, nor commit a prescribed amount of time. Surveys or questions are emailed, as projects or initiatives determine, for members to review and respond to. E-Advisors use their own personal experiences to make points, but are asked to keep their focus as constructive and objective as possible. The time commitment is extremely flexible. Advisors can complete the requested feedback at their convenience within that survey’s deadline.


Email Laura Wulf at

How to Join

Interested applicants for the FAC or E-Advisory Network are asked to complete our Family Advisory Interest Survey. A representative from the program will contact you upon receipt of your survey!

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