High Risk Pregnancy

Your pregnancy is a very special time in your life, but sometimes women and babies need a little extra care. In the US, about 10-20% of pregnancies are considered high-risk and require extra treatment beyond routine care by your obstetrician. SSM Health maternal-fetal medicine experts offer specialized care for you and your baby in the event you experience complications during your pregnancy.

What is a high risk pregnancy?

A pregnancy is considered high-risk if you or your baby have a condition that increases the risk of complications during or after your pregnancy and birth.

Risk Factors

Risk factors that increase the risk of complications for babies include:

  • A genetic condition, such as Down syndrome
  • Kidney, lung or heart problems

Factors that put moms as risk include:

  • Age: under 17 years of age or older than 35
  • Pre-existing condition such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity
  • Taking certain medications
  • Use of alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco
  • Past history of miscarriages or pre-term pregnancies
  • An infection (e.g., HIV, hepatitis C, chickenpox, rubella or syphilis)

Pregnancy Complications

Certain conditions can also arise during pregnancy, causing complications that require a higher level of care, including:

  • Pre-eclampsia: High blood pressure leading to kidney and organ problems
  • Pre-term labor: Labor that begins before 37 weeks
  • Ectopic pregnancy: The fertilized egg implants outside the uterus
  • Having twins or multiples

Expert Team Care

At SSM Health, we believe a multidisciplinary, team approach is the best way to care for your unique needs. That’s why our high-risk maternal-fetal medicine team is comprised of a range of experts, including:

  • Board-certified obstetricians and gynecologists
  • High-risk pregnancy doctors (perinatologists) and perinatal nurse practitioners
  • Neonatologists who care for babies born prematurely or with serious illness
  • Experienced NICU nursing staff

Our comprehensive team of specialists will assess, diagnose and treat your condition, giving your baby the best possible start in life. We provide the highest level of care, using the latest technology and treatments available, all in a comfortable, compassionate environment.

Peace of Mind For You and Your Baby

The care you and your baby may need depends on your pregnancy situation, and your treatment will be tailored specifically to your lifestyle. This can range from enhanced or more frequent monitoring to medication therapies and even open fetal surgery.

No matter your situation, you can count on SSM Health to deliver comprehensive high-risk pregnancy care. Our goal is to give you a peace of mind and ensure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Find a provider near you today to learn more.

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