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Financial Information

You are now entering the SSM Health Financial Information portion of our website. By clicking on the link below, you acknowledge and understand that the information contained in each document you may access in the “Financial Information” portion of our website was provided as of the date indicated on that document and has not been updated since said date. The visitor should not assume that the information contained in any such document in the “Financial Information” area has not changed since the date indicated. SSM Health Corporation has not undertaken, nor has it assumed any responsibility in any manner, to periodically or otherwise update such information contained in “Financial Information”, absent a legal obligation to do so.

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SSM Health Finance Features

What does it mean to be a not-for-profit organization?

At SSM Health, we occasionally receive questions about our not-for-profit status and what it means for our operations. To learn more you can listen to Senior Vice President - Finance, Kris Zimmer, talk about how being a not for profit fits into our mission in our Up Close feature. (Running time: 3:48)

SSM Health increases investments in patient care

In the last few years, the amount of money SSM Health has invested in facilities, technology, process improvements and new hospitals has risen sharply. To find out why these capital investments are so important, listen to Senior Vice President - Finance, Kris Zimmer, talk more about the process on one of our online Up Close features. (Running time 4:35)

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