Dean On Call - 24-Hour Medical Helpline

Health Answers at Any Time

Dean On Call is a free telephone service, offering health advice to Wisconsin residents. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can call if you’re unsure if you need to see a doctor, or wondering if you have a different health problem.

Registered Nurses On the Line

Experienced registered nurses at Dean On Call are always available to answer your questions and concerns. When responding to your call, they draw on years of clinical experience in a variety of medical specialties.

Find Your Best Care Options

To provide you the best options for care, Dean On Call nurses use a specially designed computer program that follows specific guidelines developed in tandem by physicians and nurses. Our databases are continually updated with the most current medical information, enabling our nurses to ask the right questions and quickly identify the nature and extent of your concern, providing the most appropriate options of care.

However, Dean On Call does not replace a doctor’s care. After asking a series of questions, our nurses will assist you in making an informed decision about your concern. This decision will help you know whether to call your doctor, follow self-care instructions, or to be seen in an Urgent Care or Emergency Department.

Not Just for Problems

Dean On Call is available for more than health problems and urgent medical concerns. You can ask just about anything - from curing hiccups to avoiding the flu. Call us with your questions about:

  • General health care
  • Infant care
  • Choosing a physician or provider
  • And much more

Your Privacy

The Dean On Call nurses follow the same state and federal HIPAA privacy guidelines that your doctor is required to follow. Any information you share with Dean On Call is confidential.

Perhaps the most important skill Dean On Call nurses possess is the ability to listen to your questions and help give you peace of mind. So, please call us, anytime. We’ll be here for you.

*NOTE: Due to licensing regulations, Dean on Call’s triage services are only available to residents of Wisconsin.

Phone Numbers

Madison Area: 608-250-1393

Outside of Madison: 1-800-576-8773

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