Resources & Information for Nurses

Nursing is caring. It’s taking the extra step to make sure a patient is comfortable. It’s using technology to streamline patient care and increase patient safety without seeming detached. It’s making a difference in someone’s life through a gentle word or action.

Magnet Recognized

Magnet organizations are considered “the Gold Standard” of nursing. That’s why we’re working to have all of our hospitals recognized.

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Continuing Education

As knowledge workers, we recognize our responsibility to remain continuously engaged in our own professional development.

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Nursing Professional Practice Model

This model provides a framework for guiding and aligning clinical practice, education, administration and research.

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Annual Reports

Every day, our nurses provide exceptional experiences for the patients they serve.

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SSM Health Residencies

SSM Health offers residencies in the medical, pharmacutical, and nursing fields at various hospitals across our system.

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Our nurses are an integral part of our interdisciplinary care teams and coordinate with other team members to ensure patient needs are met in a compassionate and timely manner. They work side-by-side with our physicians and other specialists in a professional and rewarding environment designed to provide the highest level of patient care possible.

At SSM Health, learning is an ongoing process. We offer multiple training opportunities to our nurses, so they can utilize the latest advances in healthcare and become leaders in their field. We know nursing is a demanding field and want to provide our team members with the support and tools they need to successfully perform their jobs. Use the resources below and throughout this site to better understand your role and the importance it plays at SSM Health. 

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